August and Anita Basson

August and Anita Basson and their three children have served with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) in Lesotho since 1993.  After many years of pastoring the local Lesotho Evangelical Church August was wondering how to spiritually feed a physically hungry congregation, God led August to Brian Oldreive, the founder of Farming God’s Way, who taught him about the principles of Conservation Agriculture (CA).  August began to teach this to his congregation.  Locals in the Tebellong area of Lesotho were subsequently trained and increased their crop yields.

In 2008, at the request of the Lesotho Evangelical Church, they moved to Maphutseng, Lesotho, in order for August to concentrate on the CA training.  As a result Growing Nations was created.  The Maphutseng site is now a 10 hectare demonstration farm and agriculture training facility, where pastors and farmers come to learn more about CA & Farming God’s Way.

The teaching at Growing Nations focuses on ‘Transformation through Sustainable Agriculture’ and is underpinned by key biblical principles.   The work of Growing Nations focuses on the training of local farmers through the agricultural extension program and through the two year resident student programme.  Growing Nations is also actively involved in research into best crop varieties & farming methods to reduce the risk to farmers and promote best practices.

To find out more about the project, please visit the Growing Nations website.

In March 2015 August took on a new role with AIM, with the aim to mobilise Christians in Southern Africa to get involved with mission work in Africa, particularly focusing on enabling African’s to reach the many Unreached People Groups on the continent.  His role will initially focus on mobilising people and churches in the countries of Lesotho, Namibia & South Africa.  August will continue to act as a consultant to Growing Nations but they will be based in South Africa from January 2016.